Philippa Pitts - Head Coach


A former teacher with a wealth of experience. Philippa holds a Level 3 coaching certificate and has over 35 years experience of coaching at all levels from school year 3 to County age groups and Regional League.


She has coached the East Region Talented Player Programme and between 2002 and 2006 was the lead coach for the East Essex County Under 16’s during which time they were 2nd, 1st and 3rd in successive years in the National Inter Counties Championship.


Philippa was awarded Sport England East  'Coach of the Year' in 2005, and Netball East 'Coach of the Year' 2009.


Philippa is regularly asked to sit on the selection panel for Satelitte and County Academy screening.


Sarah Bellamy


Sarah is an experienced teacher, currently Head of P.E at a leading school in the County. She holds a Level 3 coaching certificate.


Sarah has coached at the Regional Academy and the Essex County Plus academy.


In 2013 Sarah Bellamy was Lead coach for the County Academy.


Other club coaches


The club has four coaches with the UKCC Level 2 award  Lucy Harvey, Grace Hinman, Graham Hinman, Rianna Reid, plus Zara Heath who is currently working through the final stages of the Level 2 having successfully completed the course and the assessment.



We have 5 members who hold the UKCC Level 1 coaching certificate.


Taylor Baker, Jessica Bowen, Charlotte Coldicott, Claire Logie and Rhianna Ward.



We encourage our players to assist with the coaching and gain the coaching awards at the earliest opportunity.



Coaching arrangements for season 2021/22



Year 11                                               Philippa Pitts


Year 10                                              Sarah Bellamy,Taylor Baker and Kim Saunders - Cook


Year 9                                                 Lucy Harvey, Tegan Dawkins,Aileen Smith and Charlotte                                                             Coldicott


Year 8                                                 Zara Heath, Graham Hinman, India Mayes


Year 6 and 7                                       Claire Logie and Charlotte Coldicott.